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Release for Resilience

Missionaries and ministry leaders increasingly face challenges which can overwhelm and push them over the edge. Personal debriefing is one tool which helps these servants develop resilience. Bob & Michelle Peterson, with over three decades in ministry (both as overseas missionaries and in the pastorate stateside), offer personal debriefing as part of their ministry to missionaries and ministry leaders.

  • Recall & reflect

  • Events & experiences
  • Listening ears
  • Examine what God has done
  • Acceptance
  • Safe place to share
  • Evaluate what He has next 

Release for Resilience Debriefing is currently accepting missionaries for their 5 day debriefings offered in northwest Arkansas throughout 2024.  

                              To apply for debriefing, go here:                                                                                          CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION

Global Outreach International’s heart is to show and share God’s love. We assist, strengthen and equip those who are called to serve globally.

As part of the Global Outreach International family, we serve in missionary care. With a heart to see missionaries and ministry leaders thrive where God has placed them, we offer personal debriefing as part of our missionary care.

Global Outreach International is a missionary organization that desires to share and show God’s love and Good News to every nation in this generation.

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