Recommended Books

On Being a Missionary

An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry. This book is for missionaries and church members alike. Practical, it addresses the realities of the changing missions force.

Parents of Missionaries

As a parent of a missionary, you are uniquely called to the world of missions. Whether you are the parent of a new recruit or an experienced missionary, you’ll benefit from the author’s research and personal experience of navigating this calling.

Raising a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids

Raising healthy and resilient TCKs is the challenge for every missionary family. Learn how to multiply the benefits of growing up cross-culturally from any part of the globe. Written by a TCK herself, she brings much practical application.

Bible Studies & Books by Bob

Faith Walk

A Love Beyond

Bible Study

Bible Study

Children’s Bible Stories, the Pastor Pete Series by Bob

The Father’s Great Love

Open to All

Lost No More

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