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Bob & Michelle have a passion to help missionaries and
ministry leaders build resiliency through debriefing.

After three decades in pastoral and overseas missions ministry experience, we served in missionary care and now offer 4-5 day informal debriefing. Because debriefing can be expensive, it became their desire to find ways to make it more available to couples. We raise our own support, so we do not need to charge for our services. We also seek to partner with other ministries to further defray the costs as much as possible. Presently, our debriefs are located in northwest Arkansas in cooperation with our local church.

Q & A

Why Debrief?

Debriefing originated with the military. Officers discovered that as their soldiers took time to debrief after deployments, they experienced greater mental health and higher retention rates. In the same way, missionaries and ministry leaders who debrief increase resiliency and return to the field refreshed and realigned to the next season of ministry.

What is debriefing?

Simply put, debriefing is telling our story, complete with experiences and feelings, from our point of view.  It is verbal processing of past events, including both facts and emotional responses, and invites feedback. Debriefing is an opportunity to share in depth recent experiences with someone who is willing to listen and care, without judgment or criticism.

Debriefing is not counseling.  Debriefing is not coaching. If you are interested in or need these services, there are other options available with professionals trained in these specialties.

What type of debriefing is “Release for Resilience?”

“Release for Resilience” is an informal personal debrief. Those being debriefed talk about what they want to share and decide what is important. While Bob and Michelle provide a basic structure, each debriefing is tailored to the individual’s needs. These debriefs last 4-5 days in length.

The basic structure mimics that of Le Rucher Ministries, entailing many of its methods and material for debriefing. Le Rucher has been a leader in the missionary care realm, especially in debriefing for many years.  Check them out here: https://lerucher.org/

Can I debrief online or must it be in person?

Bob and Michelle do not offer online debriefing at this time. In person debriefing is ideal. It is important for those being debriefed to come away from their normal place and life of work/ministry for the purpose of concentrated time for reflection and time with the Lord. Virtual debriefing may lack the full experience which would provide maximum benefit from debriefing.

Do the debriefs involve our children?

At this time, Bob and Michelle only offer debriefing for adults. If you desire a family debrief or a children’s debrief, they may be able to refer you to other resources.

How often should I be debriefed?

There are no hard, fast rules for the proper timing of debriefing. While it is helpful to have a rhythm of regular debriefs, oftentimes those in ministry put it off for years. The longer you wait for a debrief, the longer the debrief likely needs to be. Also, there may be times of crisis, major transition or personal events that occur whereby debriefing can be very beneficial.

Where do debriefings take place?

Ideally, debriefings occur not only away from the ministry site and home, but also in another completely different environment from the culture in which the missionary or ministry leader has been serving. Each debriefing is designed with the specific missionary/ministry leader’s needs in mind. Debriefs may be held stateside, in a neighboring country to that of the missionary or even in their host country. Once an application is received, it will be determined what is the best situation and place for each individual.

How much does it cost to be debriefed?

Debriefing costs are based on each unique experience; therefore, it is difficult to give one base price. It depends upon the location of the debrief, how many are involved, and many other factors. If you are interested in being debriefed, the best way to discover possible prices is to reach out to Bob and Michelle at bobandmichellepeterson@gmail.com for more information.

Our desire is to keep debriefing costs at a bare minimum.  Because we are missionaries ourselves and supported by donors and churches who believe in caring for missionaries, we are not charging amounts to cover our personal salaries.

Do you provide food during the week-long debriefs?

Each situation is unique and it depends upon the location of the debrief as well as other factors. Food is not necessarily provided as part of the debriefing experience.

What are the seasons when I might consider being debriefed?

Possible times to consider debriefing: times of major transition or new ministry, during stateside assignments/furlough and re-entry, following impactful events, and even as a form of maintenance so-to-speak incrementally throughout the life of the missionary on the field/ministry worker.

How do I sign up for a debriefing?

Simply reach out to our email at bobandmichellepeterson@gmail.com and we will send you an application. Debriefs are offered as Bob and Michelle have capacity and availability. If they are unable to offer a debrief, they may be able to refer you to others who can help.



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