A Week-long Debrief Makes a Difference

“Much needed … much more than originally thought. Thank you for your pastoral care. Both of you, the content, and your help exposing our needs were wonderful.”

– a missionary couple who has served on the field 24 years

A week-long...on purpose.

Designed with purpose for maximum benefit, debriefing is not counseling yet provides space for processing with Him whatever He brings to mind throughout the week.  In a week, our hopes are that:

  • You will have everything you need to process
  • You will leaving feeling heard and validated
  • You will feel safe, known and understood
  • You will have ample time to tell your story
  • You will see and hear from the Lord in whatever area He desires

May you come freely but leave walking a little bit lighter as you return to your place of ministry. May you thrive and not just survive.

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